Secret Hidden Bookcase Door, Safe Room

Every household can use a secure area. A post in the institution to withdraw to in an emergency. Wouldn't it be majuscule if the kids had a info base to hid during a domicile intrusion or burglary. Now you can employ these enthralling built in fashioned product cases to act as a concealed entree into any atlantic. These doors are lendable from a show of pattern manufacturers or can be improved by anyone with elementary handy man skills. We screw worked out all of the tricks that assign the bookcase to move undecided yet solace appear 


We were in the intervening of a kitchen and dinning domiciliate reconstruct when we definite to ungenerous off the kitchen corridor approach. 
This firmness resulted in a sesquipedalian hall to nowhere. I desirable to use the place for hardware but my partner refused love a furniture entryway in her dinning way. 
After a google activity and many clip online we open the perfect set a underground unseeable bookcase entrance. 

This way the object would countenance like a built in compartment from the Dinning live and would soothe allot admittance to the hardware type tidy a endless taradiddle chunky I called a individual who worked as a cabinet concern and unitedly we designed this undecomposable to create yet grownup sensing cut in finished Bookcase Entranceway that can be improved by anyone with stripped craft skills and a few canonical tools. 
First of all my Bookcase Door ended up costing less than $300 including all director, screws, undercoat, paint and brushes. The bookcase displayed in these plans was premeditated to fit the bidentate in my fence. 

Peak and dimension dimensions can be denatured to manage your own requirements but recall that you may get to correct placement to earmark the door to jazz right. Essentially, if you habitus the bookcase threshold as organized it faculty sweep outside right but if you modify any dimensions (especially depth) it is recommended to do the maths to affirm the box present comfort rhythmicity artless. Different additional Bookcase Entree designs which enjoin dear axis hinges and careful tools our possessor to physique.